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1. Iodo-Finechem Corporation (hereafter known as "our company" ) will treat all personal information provided by clients through this website via e-mail in accordance with this policy.
2. When acquiring, using, or storing any personal information from a client, we will handle it appropriately so as not to harm the rights and interests of the client.
3. In order to enforce appropriate safety measures, our company will handle personal information from clients in a way so as not disclose, misuse, misplace, or allow illegal access to that information.
4. We will not collect the personal information of clients who wish only to consult our company's site, allowing for the use and browsing of our site by clients without disclosure of personal information.
5. Our company will only use the personal information of clients when necessary within the scope of the following objectives:
 -In order to fulfill a completed contract between our company and the client
 -In order to distribute information and news regarding to events related to the client
6. Our company will not distribute the personal information of clients to any third parties without express prior consent from the client. However, in any of the situations listed below, personal information of clients may be distributed to third parties without prior consent from the client.
 -In the event the request stems from a legal decision
 -In the event a national agency, local public body or otherwise entrusted person requires cooperation of the company to perform a legal duty and there is a danger that requesting consent from related clients will hinder that duty
 -In the event it is necessary to protect the life, health or property of an individual and obtaining the consent of the client is difficult
7. Our company will continually review and review the above text to assure that our privacy policy adheres to any legal or other regulations.

Iodo-Finechem Corporation

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1365 Nanaido, Chosei-mura, Chosei-gun, Chiba Prefecture
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